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Get the Video-Streaming fast as possible

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Support for Fansub and Site Anime only!

We use P2P + HLS, what's more?


We have full API, you can use it to get stream link and put it to your site.

We can set-up only your domain you want can play stream. Your safe!


Add, remove, edit or move all your files with some click in admin panel.

Prevent download your file, we use HLS for secure and fast streaming.


Single or Multi files upload.

Special: Auto upload from Google Drive with API.

Upload via FTP such as FileZilla, more lightning ever.


Fast encoding with multi qualites.

Encode full quality of your video.

Encode with your Watermark/Logo.


Cheap and Flexible

1) 50 GB = 1 USD/unlimit BW/month
(GB calculate after encode)
(use direct m3u8 on your jwplayer and add your own VAST/POP Ads)

2) Use any VPS / Server you want on our system to load better speed such as: DigitalOcean, Vultr, Linode,...
contact us and we will help you install.
(Only you can upload, storage, encode and stream. No one else can touch on it)

Let's testing

Our system encode max 1080p. Lowest is 360p.

In Encode demo, we're using Embed so you can put Iframe for your site, or Direct link - up to you.